Post #26: Pop Cake

This is my first try at making a pop cake - a boxed cake mix with a can of pop.  :o) 

I wanted to make something that tasted like a creamsicle, so I used a vanilla cake with orange pop, topped with a vanilla frosting. 

The results were not what I wanted, but still delicious (it tasted like a vanilla cake that was dyed orange...).  Since it was my very first time doing this (and I've read reviews saying that sometimes the cake stays gooey in the center...gross) I didn't want to add anything.  I just wanted to see if it would work.  And it did.  Yay! 

Next time, I will either add orange extract or zest an orange into the batter, just to give it that dreamy creamsicle taste!  Also, the cake, though moist, was really crumby - I think adding 1 egg might help this.  I'll let you know.  ;) 

Another way I'm gonna try it is making the pop cake with a vanilla cake and Sprite, and then making a decadent orange buttercream! 

As a side note: I think the reason some people's didn't set up is that they used too much pop.  I bought a 20oz. bottle, but you only need 12oz!